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Discover the Best Excursions in Antalya, Turkey. Prices and details for the current year.

Excursions in Antalya, Turkey: Get all the information on price and details of activities in Antalya. Book the trip today and pay on the bus at the excursion day. We made sure our trips are not only interesting but also comfortable. The price includes transfers from hotels in Kundu, Lara, Kaleici, Antalya, and Konyaalti. Enjoy your vacation with us.

Table of contents

Historical tours


Travel to Cappadocia for a unique chance to see the beauty and mysteries of one of Turkey's most mysterious regions. You'll see amazing moon-like landscapes made of volcanic tuff and basalt, as well as visit underground cities and monasteries where Christians hid from persecution. In the Goreme Museum, learn about Cappadocia's rich history and cultural heritage. A hot air balloon ride over stunning landscapes will be a highlight of your trip. Discover the world of Cappadocia on this exciting journey!


Discover Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, cultural capital, and a beautiful city with a rich history. A quick one-hour flight from Antalya Airport will take you to Istanbul Airport. Istanbul is a city of contrasts where Europe meets Asia, and the Black Sea meets the Marmara Sea. During a walking tour, see monuments, museums, and buildings in various architectural styles with centuries of history. Visit attractions like Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the Egyptian Bazaar, the second-largest market after the Grand Bazaar. Take a scenic boat ride along the Bosphorus and enjoy amazing views of the former Constantinople.


Join a tour to a unique natural site in southwest Turkey - Pamukkale, or "Cotton Castle." White terraces, also known as travertines, are a natural wonder created by nature and time. At this beautiful spot, enjoy great panoramic views of the terraces and swim in thermal springs. You'll also visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, the city of the dead, an ancient museum, St. Philip's Church, and Lake Salda with its white sandy beach, known as the "Turkish Maldives." Don't miss the chance to explore the amazing world of Pamukkale!


Embark on an exciting journey through ancient Turkey, visiting the birthplaces of some of the greatest civilizations, states, and empires on the Demre-Myra-Kekova tour. You'll see the ruins of the once-largest city of Lycia, Myra, with its well-preserved ancient theater and rock tombs. In Demre, visit the temple built in memory of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, who was the patron of children, the poor, and sailors. Learn from your guide about the life of St. Nicholas, visit the temple, touch his sarcophagus, and feel the healing power of this holy place. Afterward, take a sea journey to the sunken city on Kekova Island, also known as "Turkish Atlantis," and enjoy the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Entertaining Excursions


Enjoy traditional spa treatments at a Turkish bath called hamam. It is known for promoting long life and health, and lets you explore Turkey's ancient history, culture, and customs. For the best results, visit the hamam early in your vacation. It will prepare your skin for sunbathing and give you a fresh and relaxed feeling after a long flight. You can visit the hamam any day and spend a couple of hours relaxing and recharging. You will surely have positive feelings and good well-being for a long time.


Visit The Land of Legends theme park in Turkey for a world of fun and adventure! It has many rides for kids and adults, a water park with 30 slides, a huge aquarium, and more. Enjoy thrilling rides like Hyper Coaster and Typhoon Coaster, explore a world of fantasy in the 5D cinema, and visit a children's town with fairy tale characters. There is also a 5-star hotel, shops, restaurants, and cafes in the park for a complete vacation. Visit this park and enjoy a world of fairy tale adventures and entertainment!


Dolu Su amusement park, located by the Mediterranean Sea in Kiris, is perfect for family vacations. Since 2015, the park offers over 32 attractions, including 17 water slides for adults and 9 for children, as well as a wave pool. Dolu Su has rides for all ages, with popular ones like "Cyclops," "Kamikaze," and "Trampoline." The park also has a dolphinarium and a mermaid theater. Spend an unforgettable day with your family at Dolu Su Aqua Park!


Experience the region's history through a unique dance performance by the Turkish group Fire of Anatolia. This Guinness World Record-holding group invites you to an incredible dance show where each performance tells a small story through body language. Synchronized moves, perfectly chosen music, and costumes will leave you impressed. Fire of Anatolia tells the history of the region, its people, their customs, and legends. Immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere and learn more about Turkey's cultural heritage!


Come to Aksu Dolphinarium where you can join the big family of dolphins! Our dolphin show is very popular in Antalya. Watch the trainer and dolphins work together as they perform amazing acrobatic tricks, dance, sing, and play. You can also meet these amazing animals up close, take memorable photos, and even swim with dolphins! The show starts at 3:00 PM and lasts about an hour. Visiting Aksu Dolphinarium in Antalya will make your Turkey vacation happy and memorable.


Swimming with dolphins is not just fun, it's a dream for many kids and adults. You can make this dream come true in Turkey. Swimming with dolphins can be a great gift or surprise for someone you love. The special feelings and bright memories will stay with you forever.


Visit Antalya Aquarium, one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. See many sea creatures, like sharks, rays, eels, and tropical fish. It's great for families with kids. Walk through the world's longest aquarium tunnel with a glass ceiling and 180-degree views. The tunnel is 131 meters long. It's an unforgettable experience for sea lovers.


Paragliding in Alanya will make your Turkey vacation unforgettable! Feel the excitement and enjoy beautiful views of the coast, mountains, and historical sites while flying like a bird. Before flying, you'll learn about safety and get all the needed equipment and protection. The 15-30 minute flight is with an experienced instructor who controls the paraglider and takes photos and videos. After landing on Cleopatra Beach, you can watch the videos and, if you want, buy them.

Boat trips


Enjoy a fun day on a yacht in the Green Canyon and see the beautiful nature of Turkey made by people and nature together. This big freshwater reservoir was made when a hydroelectric power plant was built in 1984. Here, you can enjoy amazing views, the smell of freshness, swimming in cool water, and even fishing. The Green Canyon is perfect for family vacations and a great alternative to beach holidays. Go on a memorable yacht adventure in the Green Canyon and have fun with us.


Go on an unusual adventure and discover the beauty of Suluada island! This island, also known as "Turkish Maldives of Adrasan," is a unique place for tourists. It offers many caves, grottoes, and white sand beaches that you can only reach by yacht. Suluada is famous for its crystal-clear water and a freshwater spring with healing properties. The island is a protected area because of the presence of Caretta-Caretta sea turtles, which are on the Red List.


We offer you sea trips along the beautiful coast of Turkey! During the journey, you'll have several stops, including Phaselis Bay, Paradise Bay, and near the Pirate's Cave. You'll enjoy swimming in the blue sea waters and admiring local landscapes. Professional entertainers will make the trip even more exciting and fun! Don't miss the chance to experience unforgettable moments!


Looking for new adventures and unique experiences? Dive into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Our certified instructors will provide detailed instructions and all the necessary modern equipment for a comfortable and safe dive. During the program, you'll dive twice in hidden bays with a maximum depth of 8 meters. Exploring the underwater world, you'll see sea stars, sea urchins, rays, schools of tuna, moray eels, and many other Mediterranean sea creatures. The best time for diving is from May to September when the water temperature reaches 30°C.


Join us for an exciting boat tour on the Manavgat River! On a spacious and comfortable boat, enjoy beautiful views, watch pelicans, and see river turtles in clear water. We will stop for 45 minutes where the river meets the sea, so you can sunbathe, swim, and enjoy the warm current. While you relax, lunch will be prepared on the boat. After lunch, you will go on a sea trip, enjoying the beautiful coastline and returning to the dock. During the tour, you will also have free time to visit the local Manavgat market. At the market, you can find everything from jewelry to handmade souvenirs, national sweets, fresh spices, fruits, and vegetables. Join us on this unique tour!


Try sea fishing and find out how fun and exciting it is to spend time on a yacht in the open sea. Our experienced captain will find the best spots to catch fish, and then cook you a tasty lunch from the freshly caught fish. Sea fishing is suitable for professionals, beginners, and those who have never tried this type of activity.

Rafting - safari - canyons


Join us on a tour of Tazy Canyon and enjoy the stunning beauty of Turkey's landscapes. Tazy Canyon is part of Koprulu National Park and opened for visitors in 2017. Also known as "Valley of Wisdom," it is a quiet, secluded place away from the city. You will see amazing cliffs up to 200-400 meters high, surrounded by emerald green forests and the winding Koprulu River below. This tour is great for those seeking a peaceful vacation or an adventure.


Discover the natural beauty of Goynuk Canyon, one of Kemer's main attractions. The canyon is formed by the Goynuk River, which is fed by rainwater, melting snow, underground springs, and flows through the Taurus Mountains. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the canyon's trails, admire the unspoiled nature, cross suspension bridges, and see amazing wooden animal sculptures.


Try an exciting and safe rafting adventure in Koprulu Canyon. Located 90 km from Antalya, this canyon offers stunning wild nature landscapes. The rafting route is suitable for both beginners and advanced rafters, with levels 2 and 3 difficulty, and a total of 2 hours spent on the water. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of Koprulu Canyon and test your rafting skills!


Go on an exciting jeep journey in the Taurus Mountains! This fun and varied adventure will make your vacation more interesting. The 70-80 km route goes through beautiful areas. You will visit the village of Hadzhiosmanlar, meet local people and learn about their traditions, see Uchansu waterfall and pomegranate trees. Enjoy amazing views from a lookout point and take great photos. Then, enjoy a tasty lunch at a local fish restaurant and swim in a crystal-clear mountain stream to relax.


Join us to improve your off-road driving skills on a Quad Safari tour. This tour is a unique mix of active fun, adrenaline rush, and stunning landscapes. You will follow a challenging and diverse 20 km route through mountain trails and canyons. There will be stops to enjoy the views and take beautiful photos to remember your special trip.


Experience thrilling off-road racing with our buggy safari tour. Buggies are light cars with good off-road ability and stability. You will enjoy beautiful nature views, fun, and a little extreme adventure. No driving experience or license is needed. You will be ready to race after a short introduction and quick training with an instructor. The buggy tour is perfect for those who don't mind getting dirty from mud and dust. The route goes through rough terrain and includes photo breaks at picturesque spots.


For those looking for active and adrenaline-filled vacations, we have combined tours: "Rafting + Quad Safari," "Rafting + Buggy," and "Rafting + Tazy Canyon." These tours offer different types of active fun, combining water sports and off-road driving. They satisfy a wide range of interests and are a great choice for people who like dynamic vacations.


Enjoy horse riding through beautiful forest and mountain trails or along the lovely Turkish coast with us! Riding horses is a great way to escape the city, enjoy nature, and spend time with smart and noble animals. Horse riding is good for your health and is an effective method for psychological and physical rehabilitation. Even at a slow pace, 90% of your body's muscles work. Join our horse riding experience to overcome depression, apathy, or just a bad mood.

Sightseeing tours


Join us for a tour of Antalya and enjoy a day full of experiences. Visit the Duden Waterfall (Lower), where the falling water creates a mesmerizing view. Take the cable car to Mount Tunektepe and enjoy amazing views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Have a tasty lunch before exploring Kaleici in Antalya (Old Town) with its narrow streets, historic buildings, and lively atmosphere.


Discover stunning views of the entire Antalya coastline from the panoramic viewpoint on top of Mount Tahtali, 2365 meters above sea level. You can reach the top in just 10 minutes by cable car. The cable car ride is another exciting "from sea to sky" journey. The cable car, which lifts the cabins, is considered the longest in Europe, with a cable length of 4350 meters. The cabin can hold 80 people and offers a 180° panoramic view. Mount Tahtali is also known as Olympos, named after the ancient city that once stood at its base and was described by Homer in his "Iliad." Interestingly, even on the hottest summer day, there can be snow on top of the mountain, and in spring the slopes turn reddish due to Sahara sands brought by winds. From Mount Tahtali, you can not only enjoy the surrounding views but also try paragliding.


Feel the mystical atmosphere of Turkey with our tour to Mount Chimera or Yanartas, located near the village of Cirali. This legendary peak is known from ancient times and is described in Homer's "Iliad" as the place where a terrible monster lived. Many tourists come here to see the flames coming out of the ground with their own eyes. The trip starts with a visit to the ancient city of Olympos. Then, our adventurers will climb stone steps to the viewpoint at 800 meters high. From here, you can see not only the dancing flames but also the entire Antalya coastline. The tour ends with dinner at the picturesque Ulupinar restaurant.

Private Excursions


Private tours are programs made by our professional guide, keeping in mind all your wishes. You can go on an exciting trip alone, with your family, or with close friends to any landmark or place you want, at a time that is convenient for you. Private tours mean maximum comfort, free time, and the guide's attention.


Experience true freedom and luxury when you rent a yacht! This is a perfect chance to visit the most secluded bays and beaches, or just swim in the open sea, sunbathe, and even fish. On the yacht, you can also have a romantic date, a bachelorette party, a regular party, or celebrate a birthday! Our team will do everything possible to make your rental trouble-free and memorable for a lifetime.

Activities in Antalya for families

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